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A group of Polish student volunteers

by on 25 Apr 2013

With each day our enterprise draws in more people, becomes more complex and varied and sends out more tendrils in every direction. From a few timber framers facing a pile of logs, our population has swelled with students and Polish and international visitors. And beyond timber conversion (hewing and pitsawing), our work has expanded to include stacking log walls, executing all sorts of timber joinery, blacksmithing, a small (very small) foundry for making plumb bobs, plus a not inconsiderable managerial effort to coordinate, food, travel, logistics, guest lecturers, tool and material acquisition, etc. We live, eat, work and play together.

In many ways we function as a village and are bonded together like a tribe. The reality of this cohesion came home to us on Friday when the first group of students cycled back home. Up to that point, we were all about increase, now we had to face our first sense of loss.

Here they are, our friends and comrades, gone from our temporary village back to their other lives. We honor their work and their good comradeship.

Mug Shots 1


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