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Sawyers at work

by on 12 Jul 2011

There are somewhere between four and five thousand photos currently in the archive for the Gwozdziec Re!konstrukcja Blog. Of these a couple of hundred show sawyers at work. What follows is a representative selection. Over our six weeks at work in Sanok, pretty much everyone took a turn at sawing, some briefly, some steadily.

Having tried a variety of compilations of pitsaw pictures, I note one interesting fact: No matter how you cut and shuffle the deck, Barbara seems to always appear in a third of the pictures, tirelessly sawing away.  Check it out for yourself.

Here to honor their achievement  is a small sample of those sawyers at work.

Captions below refer to the pictures above them. A couple of the sawyers are unidentified. If you know who they are, please let us know (also if any are misidentified).

Ted\Barbara, ????\Justus

Kayla below, Kayla above

Andy\Barbara, Rob exhibiting the power of concentration

Daughter Emma\ Father Tom, Jan\Barbara

Sculptor Marian Zub\Emma channeling Paul Pierce, Marcin showing the latest in pitsaw fashion

Barbara/Ted, Miah\Justus

????\Adam V., Emma/

/Barbara, Tom\Barbara

Anna\Kayla, Barbara\Adam V.

Kayla\Barbara, Rob\Mark Olson

Jordan\Mark Olson, Rob\Andrew

Kayla\Barbara, Justus, Krista

Krista\Barbara, Krista\Emma

Adam V./Nick, Clement/Tom

Barbara\Kayla, Anna\Kayla

Rob\Mark Olson, ????\Rob

Mark Oteri\Alicia, Anna\Rob

Clement/Tom, Rob\Jordan

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