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Note to readers

by on 2 Jul 2011

The bulk of the Gwozdziec builders are scattering far and wide, most back to their lives and families, some to further travels and a few will move right on to the first painting workshop in Rzeszow.  So the news of the synagogue timber frame build is over, or at least on long hiatus until the next phase later this year.

But there are a few untold stories yet to find their way up on the blog, along with some feature items that have been patiently waiting in line.

So, subject to reader interest and Guild management approval, I would like to carry on for a few more days. This note is coming to you from Toronto Aiport, two flights into a three flight trip from Rzeszow to Philadelphia, and the first spot I’ve found a signal on which to upload to the blog.

This will be it for today, but, subject to jet lag and family plans, look for more synagogue stories over the weekend. And if any of the returning or traveling team members would like to use their new free time to write something and send it this way, that would be much appreciated.

Time to get on the plane. Talk with you soon.


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  1. Frank Stroik permalink

    Welcome back.
    Thanks for sharing the photos and the blogs. Such a great story as it unfolded.
    The ringing sounds of the tools,
    the smell of the wood chips falling,
    the hum of the voices,
    the laughter of the smiling faces,
    they all came through
    the blogs.

  2. Thanks Ed & all other bloggers!
    I would love to hear some more.

  3. Anne Wallace permalink

    I am mother of Will Gusakov, who joined you from France on his “exchange” with the Compagnons there. I have absolutely loved the blog – have read every entry (even from long before there were photos which included Will) – and have been inspired and awed by what was accomplished there. Thank you to all who contributed, and deep appreciation to all who conceived of and realized such a project – it makes one have hope again about what committed, thoughtful, and skilled people can do (and teach.) I look forward to any further reflections/stories about the project.

    Anne Wallace, Bristol, Vermont

    • Dear Anne,
      I was on the team working with Will, part of the “student” group 2. I live in the Pioneer Valley and was happy to meet Will and discover his connections here. I never got any contact info from him and I would like to stay in touch. If you could I would appreciate you forwarding my email address to him.

      Thank you so much.

      Tim de Christopher

  4. Thank you Ed, a good job well done! I miss our days at the Skansen. Maybe I can still finally get a post to you, would that still be of interest?

    I’ve left the world of timberframing to return to my world of stonecarving and I’m missing the company of our comrades. Long live Gwodziec!!

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