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Winding down: timber frame stage almost complete

by on 30 Jun 2011

When last we checked in on progress at the Skansen, the timber frame proper was complete and the cupola was going in, with ribs in place everywhere (but still in process on the Zodiac). And the boarding was done for the cove at the bottom and for the main (trapezoidal) sections of the dome, with the cladding of the triangular pendentives just starting.  The completed lantern sits off to the side, wrapped and ready for transport.

While  cupola building continued, the process of frame dismantling began, with smaller and non-essential pieces coming off and being stacked and stickered in bundles for shipping to the museum in Warsaw later this summer.  As things stand the ongoing schedule, as far as it is established, looks like this: The frame will be bundled and stored under tent cover at the Skansen until it can be brought into the museum building in Warsaw by our crew  in August or September of this year. The museum is scheduled to open in March or April of 2013 and the synagogue frame and cupola would presumably be installed in its gallery sometime during 2012.

As the timber frame project winds down for the moment, the cupola painting project gears up, with three painting workshops scheduled for this summer in Rzeszow, Krakow, and Wroclaw, and five painting sessions in 2012.  Given the complexity of the art work, the mysteries of traditional painting materials and technique, the vast area to cover (almost 1500 square feet) and the complex geometry involved,  it’s fair to say that the painting project is as daunting an undertaking as the timber framing, if not more so. The Timber Framers Guild and the Gwozdziec framing crew wish the Handshouse team all the best as they embark on the second major phase of the project.

Meanwhile back at the Skansen, having reached the top of our arc, with all the attendant drive, expectation and many long days of unrelenting hard work suddenly behind us, the  drop in pressure and  emotional temperature is a bit disorienting. The work continues, mostly cleanup and packing now.  We are pleased with our success and everyone  is looking forward to going home or moving on to the next stage of their travels.  But of the  end of this adventure, the breaking up of our village and disbursement of the tribe, little is said.

*     *     *

Taking up the building story where we left off…

Pendentives in place

Layout for fastening

Dome from the outside

Zodiac ribs in place

Sheathing going in

and almost complete.

*     *     *

Marian Zub and Robert Supel with Marian’s carving of a panel from the bimah.

Why we wear steel toed shoes

American-Japanese-Danish brain trust works on permanent record of hip rafter developed drawing

Long day at the end of a long project

*     *     *

Lantern ready for travel

Crane takes over the last stage of frame dismantling

Bob and Jordan build bundles for shipping

Log walls coming down.

Marian’s two carvings

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