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Visit from three project principals

by on 30 Jun 2011

Midway through Tuesday’s rain we were visited by three prime movers in the Gwozdziec Re!konstrukcja Project.

Scholar Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett was first in the academic community and the museum hierarchy to understand the vaue of the synagogue reconstruction project and see it as a perfect fit in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Her advocacy, together with Rick and Laura, brought along . . .

Museum Associate Director Robert Supel, the man who makes things happen on the ground in Warsaw.

The third member of the party was Irene Pletka of the New York-based Kronhill Pletka Foundation, whose donation funds our project. Barbara was also accompanied on her trip to Sanok by her husband, the distinguished artist Max Gimblett.

Earlier in the day, we held a celebration recognizing the extraordinary service of some of our own. Here coordinator Kelley Sullivan is given a forest axe and Guild Project Manager Alicia Spence  presented with an iconic mug.

Our guests inspect the Zodiac ribs being installed. Left to right:  Max Gimblett, Irene Pletka and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Giimblett., with Robert Supel just visible through the staging at the extreme right.

A picture of Robert taken earlier which does him justice

Barbara and Robert drive pegs into the first assembled roof truss

Laura and Irene follow suit

The group assembles on and in front of the frame and the truss is rigged to rise

and does

With the truss in the foreground (and the rain pouring down), we celebrate a milestone in the synagogue project

Rick and Laura present ceremonial hornbeam, locust and oak pegs

to our three dignitaries.

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