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Winding up

by on 29 Jun 2011

Our goals have been adapted to meet  the limitations of  time on the ground in Sanok and weather complications. Thursday is the final work day for the full TFG crew. The bulk of the students headed out Wednesday morning to Warsaw where they will spend a couple of days before returning home.

Tuesday was our first real rainy day, with steady light precipitation punctuated by periodic downpours. We had to abandon our plan to raise at least a couple of roof trusses since the kiln-dried cupola boards were in process of being installed. The frame is tented against the rain and the cover cannot come off until the dried stock is safely packed away again.  As usual, we tell the story of the last couple of days in pictures…

Roof truss ready for raising (before the rains came).

Tented frame, ribs going in

Just like in Max’s room, a forest grew…

…and grew

Proud hip author with end cuts

Daughter Emma teaches father Tom to hew

Tuesday night after work, pizza at the Sosenki, and an enthusiastic impromptu soccer game.  Sorry for the blurry photo, but it actually represents the action fairly well, with some thirty or so players on the field at any one time.  Ask Gerry about the end run on goal around the outside of the octagon. Or Mikkel about his rugby move.

Planking the Dome

Pendentives are next

And here are the boards being cut to the pendentive template.


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  1. Gabel Holder permalink


    You’ve done a fantastic job sharing the magic with those of us who aren’t there.


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