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Log frame and other work

by on 23 Jun 2011

The completion of the log frame is a watershed event for the project.  Perhaps its major effect is the realignment of the four distinct teams which have comprised the effort to date, with much of the energy that went to the other teams (box frame, roof, cupola) now channeled into fitting up pieces on the log walls.  So the ribs for the cupola cove are being installed in housings cut for the purpose on the inside of the log walls. As soon as the ribs are all in place, the boards which form the cove surface will be fitted up temporarily (they go off to the painting crew in July). Meanwhile the log walls swarm with framers and students joining the flying plates. And with the framers engaged in all this joinery, the hewing effort has been given over almost entirely to students.

Tara on water patrol

Student Hewing Crew

One handed technique

Rob and Ozan fit a rib

Anna and Issac in the opposite corner


Andy chopping

Emily laying out

Arek profiling

Setting up for the flying plate


Krista and Justus on the pitsaw

The view from above: Roof layout in the final stages

The yard, box frame on right, log walls to the left

And beyond…

One Comment
  1. Kevin de Silva permalink

    Looking good

    Where did all those logs go??

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