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Midnight math: verifying hip layout via computer

by on 21 Jun 2011

Note to reader: The title of this post notwithstanding, we promise not to spring technical diagrams or exposition on you. So please don’t click that mouse or track pad.

As the clock ticks down to the end of our stay in Sanok, the social schedule seems more intense. Last night the student art show, tonight a solstice celebration out in the country at Arek and Anya’s house, Wednesday a Polish-Jewish history presentation.  On Thursday we have a day off — no work on the holiday of Corpus Christi. The plan is for a day trip to Lviv in Ukraine.  If we need a make up day, we will work on Sunday. No, check that, I think it’s safe to say that Sunday will definitely be a work day.

Harking back to the previous midnight math post, an encounter over the layout of the lower hips in the synagogue frame, Adam, Jacob and I had scheduled a second session together to review the hip layout. In keeping with our hand tool policy, we are determining the required lengths and angles for hip layout using the traditional technique of lofting or developed drawing (as described in the earlier post), rather than simply pulling the numbers off the 3D Cad model.

However, we do need a check on the work, plus the original layout — done on three sheets of plywood — does not photograph well and lacks portability. So we thought to kill two birds with one stone by duplicating pencil and plywood hip layout as a computer drawing both to verify results and as an educational tool.

We three huddled round a laptop at a table in the lobby of the Dom Turysty, ironing out earlier problems and coming to a consensus on our Danish-Japanese compound roof layout. Pretty soon midnight was again approaching, one minor detail of the layout would not resolve between the hand drawn and machine drawn versions. So, we called it a night, leaving for the light of day the denouement of our virtual version of John Henry versus the steam drill.  Subject to reader response, we could publish the perfected version of the hip layout (once we get there, that is).

*     *     *

We are off for a Solstice gathering on the high ridge above Arek’s house. Look for a report on today’s progress at the Skansen later this evening.

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  1. Shan permalink

    I would enjoy seeing & hearing more about the layout of the lower hips.

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