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Mark Oteri on the Nobo Café

by on 20 Jun 2011

Today we enjoy a restaurant review by Mark Oteri. A timber framer from Wellesley, Massachusetts, Mark is a thoughtful eater and writer and we look forward to his perspective on the Sanok food scene.

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One week into the Gwordziec project I found myself wanting something different from what our hotel had to eat. Some members of our group told me about a restaurant not far from the hotel that served great coffee.  I decided to give the place a try for dinner.

I found the Nobo Café on a quiet side street a stones throw from our hotel.  I was pleased to see exotic hardwood flooring, terra cotta walls, upholstered seating and candle light.  Rumor says that the owner had traveled in Africa for a time and, inspired, returned with various artifacts which decorate the dining rooms: masks and weapons, paintings and pottery.

The menu was creative and had a great variety.  I decided that two salads would suit me fine.  I ordered the Salatka z Capri: baked tomatoes with olives and mozzarella, seasoned balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  And the Salatka z Suszonych Pomidorow: lettuce, chicken (I’m  vegetarian so ordered mine without), oranges, grapefruit, sundried tomatoes, nuts and parmesan.

Both salads were excellent and one was served with delicious sunflower seed rolls.  The baked tomatoes and olives were completely covered in melted mozzarella.  The ‘lettuce’ in the other salad seemed  to be a type of salad green, maybe arugula and was well complemented by the citrus fruits, salty peanuts and dried tomatoes. To the disbelief of the waitress I drizzled a garlic cream sauce over it. She spoke almost no English and using strange faces and animated gestures valiantly tried to save me from my poor decision to combine citrus and garlic.  I speak almost no Polish.  I had no way to assure her that I can eat garlic with anything and enjoy it.  So I just ate it and enjoyed it.

I was glad to have a little more room for dessert so ordered a tiramisu and a glass of Offley Ruby Port.  Both were outstanding and I’m unable to criticize either.  The tiramisu was rich and creamy, the port easy to drink with no bite or odd aftertaste.   The portions were not small, for everything I ordered.  For all this I paid only 52 zloty or about $19U.S.including tip.

The service at the Nobo Café was also flawless, very friendly.   For me they earned five stars out of five.  I just wish they opened early enough for breakfast.

Mark Oteri


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