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Student switch: a quiet day . . .

by on 8 Jun 2011

…But not an unproductive one. Today the new students toured the Skansen as we others did last Sunday. And the first group of students had the morning off. The timber framers used the time to advantage to get their houses in order. Increasingly the focus of the framers turns away from log conversion to joinery and three stations are now fully occupied. Down the hill from the office, Bob and his roof framers are scribing a second truss, and, I expect, will soon have one layout and one joinery station. In the other direction, John and Jacob are beginning to stack the log walls. And back up towards the office a bit, Gerry and the Box Framers have begun to insert posts in plates and to scribe braces and struts between posts and ties.

To make sense of the layout activity, you first have to realize that the plan establishments – that is the assembled box frame and the assembled log walls – are being built upside down. This is done for ease of access while scribing the parts together. So the box frame plates (the top horizontals in the box frame) are laid down first in the box frame assembly and posts stood up on them. Meanwhile, the box frame sills (part of John’s log wall assembly) are also stood on their head. The result is that the pieces which connect these two parts of the frame are scribed in at or near ground level, rather than having to stand on stepladders or stage up six to twelve feet in the air. The only thing that is a bit disconcerting about this arrangement is the difficulty of reading the plans when your work is upside down. And the tendency to want to stand on your head to understand the layout.

The box frame establishment yesterday…

…and today

Meanwhile, over at the log walls, John and Jacob have begun to stack and scribe. It may not look like much yet, but a huge amount of thought and calculation have gone into choosing logs, dealing with taper, dovetail corners, etc.

Selected snap shots of today’s log conversion and joinery:

Dovetail corner,

 Half dovetail collar to rafter joint

And half dovetail post to tie brace, scribed and fitted in the  air.

Kelley makes pegs in the sunshine.

While Phil works in the shade of the machinery shed.

Adam spins the T-auger

While Isaiah rides the Millers Falls boring machine

I’ll raise those two scorers…

by three sawyers

See you and call with four hewers.

Alicia takes the tiller.


Jordan saws the shoulder and end cuts. He stares down the wood…

and STRIKES! (The photographer is not quite quick enough to catch the falling waste block. We’ll see if we can put up a video.)

Two saw cuts, one mallet blow, and here’s the almost finished joint.

One Comment
  1. Kim Southwick permalink

    You guys look like your having a great time! We’re enjoying staying in touch virtually with the project but we miss Ted!! Keep up the hard work and we’re hoping you keep get beautiful weather!!
    Kim, Aiden and Orion Southwick
    PS Please tell Ted Aiden pitched 2nd and 3rd at the last game and their team finally won after almost an entire season of epic losses!!! Thanks!!

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