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Skansen tour

by on 1 Jun 2011

A  word of apology to our faithful readers for somewhat spotty posting of late.  We will do better here on in.

Sunday was a day off from the work site. Our hosts at the Skansen in Sanok offered a tour of the museum, and we spent several hours under the able guidance of Piotr, who presented a capsule story of the culture, history, architecture, religion and customs of the people who inhabited the various regions of southeastern Poland represented in the Skansen’s vast inventory of buildings and artifacts.  A tortured history marked by conflicts, invasions and forced migrations, it nevertheless left an exquisite architectural legacy on the hills and valleys of this mountainous rural country.  So, with appreciation for photo contributions from Kevin Klein, Mikkel Johansen, and Kelley Sullivan, here is a mostly pictorial tour of our surroundings at the Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego.  If the quality of wood working can be inspired and uplifted by the place of its creation, then our synagogue should indeed be a place to gladden the heart and soothe the soul.

Early  on our walk  we stopped at one of several blacksmith shops at the museum.

House and shop of a potter.

Orthodox Church

Greek Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church

Details and Joinery



Scarf Joints

Fold down workbench

Ancestral Finger Joint

Daisy Wheels


New and Old

Middle Aged

From Underneath


Full Living Roof

Another Common Feature in the Landscape


The bearing on the waterwheel ran so smooth that even with a trickle of water leaking through the gate, the overshot wheel spun freely


Hobbit Outhouse


Durable Bike Rack

Next: Back to Work on Monday


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  1. Shannah permalink

    Thank you for sharing your experience in this blog.

  2. Torbjörn Molvig permalink

    Nice pictures! Lovely weather! Hot?

  3. Frank Stroik permalink

    Just started reading these entries -quite inspirational. This is a chance of a lifetime, and to be able to be part of something so noble gives me inspiration to do more and to do better all the rest of my days. I feel pride in knowing that you all have undertaken this project, and will live it through you.

  4. Higgs Murphy permalink

    Wonderful images of time past, graceful structures.

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