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The Skansen

by on 26 May 2011

Here’s a view from the hose drying tower in the firehouse structure. The Skansen’s focus on detail and quality work both in their new projects and in their conservation is breathtaking.

View from the opposite corner of the square, fire tower in background. This part of the facility is still closed to the public, but we were treated to a tour by the Skansen Director translations by our all around fixer, archeologist and hewing buddy Arek Kryda.

The original part of this museum, where we are working, is awash with parades of school kids every day, and peppered with farmsteads representing different periods and locale, most in excellent repair. Some structures show signs of subtle life-safety renovations; (they lost 10 buildings to fire here some years back), all laid out in a transcendent landscape from which the spires of the churches and the walls of the castle can be seen, across the valley. Somehow the town and its bustle remain invisible from this vantage.

One of the roads to our work area is graced by this icon shelter.

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