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Our welcome

by on 26 May 2011

Assembling back at the site we found ourselves faced with a few acres of logs, neatly arrayed, with a backdrop of thatched roofs and wheat.

Not to mention the oil drilling exhibits. We are slowly learning more about this region; farming was just part of the story. This was a center for oil extraction (there’s a museum for that, too) and the attendant wreckage, contemporary with Titusville, PA



The logs can wait! We crossed the river this time for a press conference and welcoming luncheon with the Mayor, quite a formal affair and nearly all in Polish. We held our own, brought some axes and such, spoke to the press, thanked everyone we could find.

Somehow though, nothing we could do or say would assuage the charming skepticism of our devoted translator.

Lead Carpenter Mikkel Johansen.


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