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by on 26 May 2011

Galacian Town Project, at Sanok Enthnographic Museum

The lead team converged in Frankfort about a week ago from all over to take the commuter flight for the last leg. Seasoned travelers all and largely unfazed by the indignities inherent in modern transportation, we had a jolly meeting over many coffees in the airport before following all (!) of our luggage and tools out onto the tarmac for a short hop into this beautiful valley, in eastern-most Poland.

The image above is only part of a very ambitious project undertaken by our hosts in Sanok, Poland. The Ethnographic Museum is recreating a Galacian Town Square, with all manner of varied log and timber buildings, shops, a firehall, and more. You can find links to several related sites at the bottom left of each page. It’s a remarkable venue for us; beyond this new project are spread all manner of very well preserved buildings and equipment, arrayed over a pastoral landscape on the other side a the peaceful San River, away from the bustling town.

All of our lead team are housed in a kind of holiday camp just a brisk walk from the Skansen. We’ve spent the week shaking out the kinks in our modest accommodations, and ramping up to meeting the major logistical challenges embedded in a project of this size. This means lots of trips to town and the pantomime-aided acquisition of a variety of items. Project veterans know how this works; our pleasure and our strength on this one is to have nearly a week to prepare the site, and to recover from the inevitable snags in shipping and communication.

On one of our early trips to town we came upon this fellow in bronze. Folks sit on his lap for holiday snaps and rub his nose for good luck. His poignant tale has inspired statuary in other Polish towns. You could learn more about him here.


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